Commuting and Leisure and Uncategorized07 Aug 2008 11:14 pm

For a brief moment I entertain the illusion of a normal commute: I’m heading downtown on a morning train.

I’m hoping to spend only half the day cleaning out my office, tying up loose ends, and saying my goodbyes but I should know better: I end up taking a rush-hour train back home after I do the old routine walk across Wacker Drive. The old normal is the new abnormal.

They’ll send me a box of stuff from my office that I don’t want to carry on the train. I discover once again that you can carry emotional baggage on any vehicle.

The weather’s warm but mostly sunny so I willingly take the bike to tai chi this evening. We’re past the Summer Solstice and the long days are not quite as long, I note as the dusk begins to assert itself around 8 PM. I’m cycling home with LEDs on as darkness falls by 9 and the mild night is filling with my favorite evocative sounds of cicadas and crickets. The vegetation is lush and so are the evening smells on the quiet side streets.

Sigh. I go through the same imaginary deal-making every July and August: can’t we just hang onto this combination of warmth and light and smells for longer than we have it in Chicago?

Or, is that just what makes it so sweet?

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