Errands and Shopping07 Aug 2008 11:39 pm

I lash up the trailer to my bike for the now-usual Saturday trip to the farmer’s market. Hooking up the trailer is routine and the routine is comforting. This time my wife rides with me instead of meeting me there. We’ve decided that the farmer’s market is easier as a two-person operation. It doesn’t need two people, it’s just easier but perhaps less efficient.

Walking the bike with the trailer through the market allows you to load up as you go and not make trips back and forth. I’ve done this thing with the car in the past when lugging watermelons or cider just keeps you from buying other produce and makes your arms longer.

That said, it is its own bother. I volunteer to watch both bikes and hold them in the middle of the aisle while Nancy does the shopping. Boring job but somebody’s got to do it. I miss just walking around and looking and smelling and impulse buying tasty things and schmoozing. I’m trapped. Standing in the summer sun is also less than satisfying.

Still, we’ve got another nice load of items and the trailer is fulfilling its workhorse role. Drivers continue to cut me a wide berth as they pass me on the way home. I’m guessing they don’t want to take a chance on harming my little dear ones riding behind me. Would they be so courteous if they knew I was going to eat the little dear ones in the trailer?

I rent a car, too. I haven’t done this in a while and hardly know how to behave. I do it after the farmer’s market. Partly, I figure the temptation to use it would be too strong to resist. They give me the limited options left, namely two compacts for the category I requested. An SUV sits in the lot and I’m not upgrading. I’m sure it doesn’t care about my opinion of it and its ilk.

I need the car for a Monday trip to DeKalb, Illinois, for my son’s college orientation. I’m looking forward to this mini road trip since I’ve never been there before. The rental place is not open as early on Monday as I would need to make it there by 8:40 AM and they are closed Sunday so the only option is to get the car before noon on Saturday. I start thinking of what I could use the car for over the weekend.

I draw a blank. The car sits in front of my house.

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