Errands and Miscellaneous12 Aug 2008 12:48 pm

We decided to keep the car the extra day because the nominal extra charge of $12.00 before taxes at the weekend rate was no comparison for sending my wife to O’Hare in a taxi, provided one would come. My own taxi rides from O’Hare have been in the $40.00-plus range.

Around 2:30 we leave to get her there for a 3:59 flight and arrive around 3 PM. Uneventful except that a taxi is holding up the line at the toll baskets getting onto 190 to O’Hare. The other lanes are moving. When he finally clears the gate after throwing in more money, it’s my turn for delay. I put in the required 80 cents and the light stays red. I go and decided to report it. After leaving O’Hare, I get the required numbers and complaint cards from a sympathetic attendant at the northbound toll gate after giving up my $1.00.

Even at this, is mostly simple, easy, and time-efficient. Only later after the scheduled departure time does she call me to tell me the United flight is delayed at least until 5:40. So much for efficiency.

On the way home, I’m still thinking of what I can use the car for now that I have it. Most are gratuitous or certainly not critical. I opt only for stopping at the liquor store on Dempster to see what interesting beers they have and opt for the bargain singles in the shopping cart. After all, it makes sense to watch my money, right?

I parked the car at home and ended up not using it any more. I still rode my bike to 5:00 class because the weather was still nice, borderline cool.

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