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My day is a transportation desert. The grand tours of the neighborhood with my dog are the highlights as I pry myself off the desktop laptop and the cell-o-phone. Not so bad, just not much to say.

“Local” is nice, though. I stop in the North Branch of the Evanston Public Library to request Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions. After all, why make an extra trip, even by bike, if someone else can do the trip for me? It will be here Tuesday. Deal.

I combine that with trip to Dominicks for a prescription that came in Friday when I was having the time of my life traveling to the west suburban frontiers.

A late afternoon soiree across the alley and I meet with my neighbor to advise him more on his website. This business meeting is conducted in his shady backyard, populated by plants and three dogs, the shyest of them all, a small Shitzu, managing to insist her way onto my lap to share that space with Macks’s MacBook. Beer and chips make this much nicer than a conference room meeting. We’re sharing expertise here: he’s advising me and my wife on building a water effect in the backyard. We are sitting facing his homemade waterfall and pond, an impressively handsome and comforting spectacle and soundscape. Only the roofing job next door disturbs the peace.

What does come from two phone calls of the morning starting at 9 is catching up with colleagues past, one now freelancing himself in the western suburbs and living in Vernon Hills. There’s a drive for you, folks.

The other is in the Cincinnati area, through which I have only passed on Amtrak years ago in a past life when I worked in On-Board Services. The Amtrak station was a pre-fab 70’s box in a lonely industrial place and sadly, we only passed behind the grand art deco Cincinnati Union Station. Happily, CUS was preserved.

As am I, preserving myself for the next commute.

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  1. on 21 Aug 2008 at 12:20 pm Heather

    We at the Evanston Public Library are happy to be of service in your quest to go car-free!
    Heather Norborg
    Reference Librarian
    Evanston Public Library

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