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Once again, we did not motivate to get out of town Labor Day weekend. The weather has been unbelievably nice and sunny with low humidity, so I’m one of many appreciating that bonus for staying in town.

Our transportation needs are minimal because our desire to go far-flung places is also minimal.

Need Number One: A New Sawblade

Talk about pedestrian but that’s what it is. My hand-me-down Skilsaw has what is probably the blade that came with it, a course, gap-toothed blade that still cuts but makes more splinters than sawdust. It is tearing up the edges of the already-coarse plywood I’m trying to cut with some sense of dignity. This calls for a trip to the hardware store again.

I take my bike. It’s fast and the little round sawblade will fit easily into a pannier bag. I probably spend more time figuring out how to hold the blade still while I loosen the nut and then changing the blade.

There are plenty of cars in the hardware store’s parking lot. There is also a mother and son unlocking their bikes when I come out of the store to unlock mine. Despite the parking lot at this store, there are also patrons consistently showing up on their bikes, often with kids on their bikes. It really is possible with kids to do bike errands.

Need Number Two: Dinner with Friends

This one is really easy: dinner with friends at the end of the block. Our contributions to dinner are already on hand: sweet corn bought yesterday at the Farmer’s Market and brought home in the trailer; beer I had bought the other day on a walk with my dog.

Nothing grand and no grand conclusions here, folks.

A couple key concepts, though: closeness and community.

The hardware store is only about 3/4 mile away. The neighbors are about 3/4 of a block away.

The need for a car does not exist in a community with services and people nearby.

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