Commuting22 Jun 2008 02:25 pm

My “excuse” is a client meeting today so I have to dress up a bit and can’t risk being late. Besides, I am bushed after the last two days of riding. And they’re predicting thunderstorms. Which happen, by the way. Ah, vindicated. Nice train ride, I listen to the iPod and daydream out the window. Try that in your car…safely.

Not much to say about this commute today but I have energy in the evening to bike to tai chi. I want to make it to a neighbor’s opening at a gallery showing her really nice figure paintings but figure it will have to come after class. Just not enough time to blast out and still walk the dog and get a snack for myself.

Bike to class only to find it is cancelled tonight. Dave’s at a boxing event. OK, so I ride to gallery after all and lock up out front. I’m not in my gallery finest wear but I’m here and I still have some wine and snacks and see her paintings.

An easy ride back home before dark makes me feel accomplished and allows me to enjoy another nice evening. I run into all the car, charter bus, and pedestrian traffic as Northwestern’s graduation lets out. I’m still glad I’m on my bike, folks.

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