Errands and Miscellaneous23 Jun 2008 11:31 pm

What else do you take for granted with a car, aside from time, comfort, and ease?

Hauling capacity.

A recent BB shot through a back window in my house eventually cracked into a full-blown broken window, which my wife secured and decorated with some lovely duct tape. This needs to be fixed and today is the day.

What are my alternatives? The closer hardware store or the nearby glass shop are both closed on Sundays. The one that is open is walkable but a hike with a wood casement window. The window won’t fit the bike trailer. Wait until Monday for the closer stores are open and miss some work to deliver it?

Nah. It’s raining on and off today and leaving the house unsecured with a missing window is not a good idea.

With some guilt, but not very much, I decide to use the unsold old car to haul the window up and back. The hardware store repairs the window as promised by 1 PM and I pick it up two hours later. Despite some rain in the meantime, none gets in the house and I remount the window with my wife’s help after she comes home.

I assuage my guilt by running my tire pump errand at the bike shop using my bike and then going to tai chi. I get rained on both ways but nothing serious.

And the window job got done. When that car is gone, chores like this will be different.

More planning, I guess.

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