Commuting24 Jun 2008 07:06 am

So my trip today is uneventful: I take the train despite the clear, sunny day. Hey, I’m carrying the laptop and I don’t want to jar it on the bike. I’ve already had two hard drives fail in the last few months. So there.

My wife has more adventure and some luck on her bike ride.

The thumping sound she hears partway to work is not the road surface. She pulls over in south Evanston to see a would-be inner tube aneurism about to form at the bead, causing the thumping effect. She lets some air out of the tire to relieve the pressure.

She manages to deliver some garden plants to friends in farther south in West Rogers Park. After that, she was pondering what east-west street has a bus that will do the deed to speed up her now slower bike commute.

At Lunt and California, an eastbound 96-Lunt bus appears as if on cue and delivers her two blocks from work, where she rides the rest of the way and gets there pretty much on time.

After work, she nurses the bike east to the CTA elevated station at Loyola, where she rides the train to Howard for a change to the Purple Line shuttle to Davis Street, which gets her within spitting distance of the bike shop. She recounts her tale of woe with this troublesome tire and they fix it, again.

She squeezes in a stop at Whole Foods for fruits and vegetables.

Overall, not too bad. She lucked this round trip.

This time.

OK, that still counts.

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