Commuting and Leisure28 Jun 2008 09:34 am

213 PACE bus

I’m skipping the bike today: weinie excuse of threatened rain. Plus, Nancy has a long day and that means I should get home on time to take care of the dog. First things first, no guilt here.

Nancy’s trip is a bit more circuitous and involved but ultimately successful. She cycles as usual to work in Chicago but has plans again in Northbrook, starting early afternoon. My advice was to take the el to Davis Street, Evanston, and there board the PACE 213 Northbrook bus with her bike, which she does. One minor miscalculation: every other 213 bus goes to Highland Park, not Northbrook Court. She mistakenly boards the Highland Park bus and asks the driver if she missed Lake Cook Road somehow. Nope but he’s turning around and going back, fortunately with a short layover in Highland Park.

Downside is by the time she gets back to Lake Cook Road, it’s raining and her ride west in traffic is that much more dicey but she does it safely…and “wetly.”

By the time she’s done, it’s 7:25 pm and the bus isn’t due for another 30 minutes. The rain has stopped and it’s a nice evening, apparently with a tailwind, and she gets home before the bus would have. She makes better time, I’m sure, because she braves riding Green Bay Road instead of the Green Bay Bike Trail on the old Chicago, North Shore and Milwaukee right-of-way.

Bike and bus to the suburbs: this is making a lot more sense, now.

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