Commuting and Errands28 Jun 2008 10:31 pm

With a minor threat of rain in the forecast and warm temps, there’s no excuse not to ride to work again, so I do.

A tailwind makes riding easy and fast and gives me a few spare minutes to stop along the way and take some pictures.

Another nice thing about cycling is that you see the change in the seasons, even in the city. Vacant lots can be a nice respite from all the building and development. One of my favorites is hard by the Kennedy Expressway where Milwaukee Avenue passes over it. Today, it is filled with the blue flowers of chicory, a coarse weed who flowers are pale, purply, and daisy-like. What can I say? They’re great.

Turning my camera 90 degrees to the west gives another whole image: traffic on the Kennedy Expressway and the Ohio Street feeder ramp inbound.

The ride home starts out fast and nice but far north I see it again: that dark cloud that looms above me to my northwest has the telltale smear of rain swooping down from it. Can I outrun it?

Give it up, George: it gets me around Dempster. Slowly at first. Then more and more. Until I’m soaked to the skin. Can’t get any wetter so I just ride. At least it’s warm.

Can rain crescendo?

A nice courtesy from a woman driving one of the biggest SUVs, a big black Chevy Suburban: at the four-way stop at Lincoln and McDaniel, I stop. She was there first, she gets the next turn.

She waves me through instead. I assume she feels sorry for me as the rain pours down on me. I wave back a “thanks” and pedal on. No cheap shots at SUVs right now.

Can’t get much wetter except on the inside, so I detour into Wilmette to buy beer. By the time I come out to load it onto my bike, the sun is out and highlights the wet streets and blooming roses and a passing inbound Metra train and signature suburban minivan waiting for it.

The beer rides home suspended from my handlebars.

It tastes very good.

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