Errands and Shopping28 Jun 2008 11:02 pm

We head to the Farmer’s Market after another stop and Nancy is pulling the trailer to head off the problem we’ve had on the last few Whole Paycheck visits: too much stuff to put on the bike. Plus, I’m heading off to Chicago for a haircut and I won’t be hauling stuff there and back. Her old women’s bike with the front basket makes shopping handy.

We are no sooner there when someone calls my name: Kelly from tai chi is there, too, shopping with her bike, equipped with the milk-crate pickup bed.

We get some great radishes and chat it up with the farmer.

Quick flashback: a few blocks from our house, Nancy spots a cell phone in the street and we stop to let her rescue it. The owner calls and Nancy arranges for her to come to our house later that afternoon to pick it up. She had put it on top of her car, forgot it, and drove to Northwestern University. She’s very grateful.

My ride to Chicago from the Farmer’s Market takes me on an indirect, inefficient, but interesting path. City streets all the way, jogs as streets jog or end, Clark Street traffic, the community garden at Ridge, other gardens along the Metra tracks on Ravenswood Avenue, Rosehill Cemetery with its castle-like entrance, the Brown Line el heading for the Wilson curve.

CTA Brown Line el at Wilson

I get to my appointment on time…only to be told I’m really late. Hmmm…1:30? No, the desk person had written down 12:30. Oh, well, she’ll still take me but in at least 45 minutes. So I break for lunch and be patient. I chalk it up to slowing down. It’s a good choice.

Gusty winds on the way home generally work in my favor but work against me in one big way: more rain and scary gusts by the high school. I’m wet in no time, again.

But still, when you ride a bike, you’re in touch with other good things: at Emerson, I have to stop for the red light. A Harley with an older couple pulls up beside me for their right turn and I look at them as the wind and rain pounds us three. “Charming weather, isn’t it?” They smile and respond but it’s hard to hear over the storm and the Harley but it’s still a connection.

The rain is over within a few blocks. I’m wet. Oh, well.

One Response to “Saturday 6/28/08: Farmer’s Market by Bike; Chicago and More Rain”

  1. on 30 Jun 2008 at 9:33 am Jude Mathewa

    Hey, George, I didn’t know they made “old women’s bike(s)”–do they make middle-aged women’s bikes, too? And, what’s the diff between them?

    Keep pedalling.

    Jude M.

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