Commuting and Uncategorized25 Jul 2008 01:51 pm

This summer? On a bike? Nah.

I wake up wanting to ride my bike to work today.

The black clouds in the west and the blacker clouds in the south say the same thing to me: “If you ride your bike today, we’ve got something for your butt, George.”

I ride. The clouds were right. Can’t say they didn’t warn me. About two miles from my house, I feel the first drip. Soon it is a steady rain. For about 14 miles.

Here’s the good news: I have a tailwind. The temperature is perfect. The bike traffic is light but the car traffic is heavy and I have numerous chances to bypass the stuck cars. I make really good time. I put all my electronics in plastic bags before starting out. I get a parking place on the bike rack right by my building, which never happens on a nice day.

Here’s the bad news: I am wet to the skin. I am dirty with street grit. I did not pack my change of clothes in plastic. I did not bring extra socks.

Note to self: pack some fresh, uh, “delicates” in a good plastic bag next time, you dope. Socks, too, dope.

The hair dryer in the building’s gym makes my shirt presentably dry. The AC takes care of the rest. I don’t get goosebumps. My socks are wet the the whole day. I think of my feet as big pink raisins within them. This turns out to be true. Ewwww.

Thankfully, the weather has cleared by the time I have to ride home around 5:50 PM. Auto traffic is clearing from the loop and again I catch up with a cluster of bikes at Milwaukee, Grand, and Halsted. At our own pace we mostly head up the bike lane on Milwaukee but I alone cut off for the trip up Elston. Not a tailwind but not a headwind and I make good time getting home on a nice summer evening. I cannot wait to take off my shoes.

And those pink raisins in my shoes? Yep, sho’ nuff. Ewww, again.

Showers are good thing when they are warm and don’t last 14 miles.

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