Commuting and Uncategorized28 Jul 2008 03:20 pm

I want to ride my bike today. It’s not raining. Really. It’s sunny, dry, and cool this morning.

I suit up but my wife warns me she’ll be gone all day and into the evening, leaving the dog alone the whole time. I get it: if I take my bike, I’m usually home at least an hour later than if I take the train, for multiple reasons.

Off with the bike clothes, I’ll take the train. Transportation is a family affair especially without a car. I don’t like to leave the dog alone that long, either. Nancy’s transit today is a repeat of the earlier trips by bike to work in Chicago, back to Davis by el, and from there to Northbrook by PACE bus, and home how the mood strikes her, by bus or bike. Last time she was brave and rode down Green Bay Road instead on the Green Bay bike trail.

Interesting how the day ends up working out.

I’m called into a meeting. Looks like I’ll be cleaning my desk out.

I carry home more than would fit on my bike anyway.

This is going to be a family affair, too.

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