Commuting and Uncategorized28 Jul 2008 03:29 pm

No reason to go in this morning as I would usually. I think you’re starting to get the picture.

I do have a reason to go in late in the afternoon but not to the usual place. Thankfully, I saw some of this coming.

I will have to be a little circumspect until later, so bear with me. I’ll focus on the transportation aspect for now.

The days are warming as the week progresses and I see lots of cyclists out, which is good. I’m just not one of them, which is bad.

I take the Metra train down for a late meeting for which I have to be presentable, and for which I will not be able to tote clothes and the other things I need to carry on a bike. Too much to focus on.

After the meeting, I take another pass at my desk. This load is heavier than yesterday.

I have lots of things to think about.

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