Commuting and Socializing28 Jul 2008 03:36 pm

I have another late afternoon Metra ride into the Loop, this time to have dinner with a friend and former colleague at 5;30. This means missing Critical Mass again but I hope that the summer night’s crowd will forgive my absence and two wheels.

This is an odd but interesting change of pace for me, riding inbound trains in the afternoon when they’re light in this direction. Too bad I have no confidence that Metra will ever let me on the train even when they say they will. More on this rant later.

I had a nice time catching up. I have definitely had the pleasure of working with some really good people who are real professionals. We talked more personal than professional, which is fine by me.

After dinner, my friend and I get to extend the conversation as we walk across the loop to the Ogilvie station, he for the 8:40 PM West Line, me for the 8:35 PM North Line.

I appreciate my community.

At home, my wife reports she has worked out the details of donating the old car. We just have to do it. Stay tuned.

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