Errands and Shopping30 Jul 2008 11:04 pm

I’m a phone bank of one today. Between that and emails I’m pretty much occupied and stick close to home.

When my brain starts to melt down late in the afternoon, I decide it’s time for some errands by bike to get air and exercise. Nothing extensive and all in downtown Evanston.

Did I tell you it is not raining? Believe it, it is sunny and warm.

A trip to Wolf Camera where I roll my bike into the store to pick up some processed film burned to CD. I was inspired by that big digital camera that the Cubbies women on the Metra platform had so I do some browsing with the store manager. Very nice but not on the current budget, methinks. We chat about the article I saw in the DIY magazine Make, about building a camera using an old flatbed scanner for the back. The results look amazingly like the pinhole panorama photos my wife did at the Art Institute. Cool, he likes the idea, I will call him with the issue tomorrow. I almost feel like a photo student once again.

The only other stop was Whole Foods again. I am finally learning the fine art of parsing the purchases so they fit comfortably in my panniers. This takes discipline and means impulse purchase don’t fit the methodology. I have a taste for some wine. Nope, too heavy, I’m buying two half gallons of milk. Balance for the panniers. Cider vinegar and some cheese were on the list. Okay, the brie was not on the list with parmesan but it was not a big weight add-on. And it fits in the top bag on the rack. The cable goes on my handlebars.

Add bacon for the German potato salad for dinner. Homer Simpson would surely find fault with this style of potato salad. After all, that’s what he found in hell and screamed. I still like it, hell has other things waiting for me, I’m sure.

Don’t even stop to ponder the brats. Put back the chicken livers that temp me to make the rice my friend from Trinidad does so well and no one else in my house likes.

Be strong. Besides, it keeps the bill down.

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