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I feel like a bike ride and damn it, I’m going to take one before it gets too hot, and I do. After yesterday, my butt needs some exercise. And other things need it, too. I head up the Green Bay Trail to Ravinia.


There are remains of the abandoned Indian Hill Station of the North Shore interurban with its art deco concrete. Metra still uses this station.

indian hill station

I ride in a tunnel of trees:

Wildflowers are blooming. Queen of the Prairie is stunning in Glencoe:


The teasel, introduced by Europeans to tease wool, is tall in all its spiky glory:


It’s a great day to be on a bike. Plain and simple. The final picture tells you why I’ll probably be guaranteed to ride my bike more, regardless of weather:

subaru on towtruck

This evening, the tow truck came by to pick up the old ‘90 Subaru Legacy that we donated to charity. We are a bit sentimental about this car, we both admit. It took the kids from Chicago to a lot of swimming lessons in Skokie and Deerfield. It took us to a vacation in Door County and a July 4th wedding in Iowa one year. And numerous trips to Pittsburgh down the Turnpikes and Toll Road. We even drove back from a family party in Rockford with the back filled with horse manure for the garden, my wife’s idea. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the smells generated by some occupants of the car over the years, let me tell you.

Antonio was a nice driver. He addressed me as “Jorge” when he called to tell me he was on his way. He indulged our sentimentality and took a picture of us both by the car and then drove away with our family history trailing behind, orange four-way flashers blinking goodbye in the night.

We watched until he turned out of the alley and was out of sight.

The garage has more room for bikes. Where’s that garage door opener?

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