Information Architecture

Information Architecture

Yes, I’ve done this, and I love it. But not just because I have fun drawing boxes and connecting them with arrows.

Because good information design is the basis of all formalized communication.

I started as a writer and an illustrator, and the web technology came later. The great news is that writers have to organize their thoughts and illustrators have to both tell and enhance stories. The technology has just given me more opportunities to do this, and more tools with which to do this.

I bake it into everything I do, even if I’m managing the work of an information architect on my team, or having to do it on my own. I get databases and tagging and metadata.

I know the user doesn’t give a flip about how I arrived at the interface when they’re using the interface.

But they sure know that this is one sweet interface.

And your numbers will tell you the same thing.

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