Web Analytics or Web Pragmatics?

Web Analytics or Web Pragmatics?

Web what? I knew he’d get all geeky on me.

Whoa, nelly, just hold that thought for a moment and hear me out.

Don’t confuse using Google Analytics or WebTrends or Omniture with the greater practice of web analytics. And please don’t assume this is a slippery slope into mountains of arcane data on click-through rates, page views, and funnels. It will only be that if you don’t do it right and think about what you’re trying to accomplish.

Did I hear someone say, “business objectives?” How about, “goals?” Or, better yet,”they sure as hell spent a boatload of time on the site, after clicking through our ads on some cluttered web page, and opted in for more communications with us. Oh, and BTW, they bought something, too.”

Web analytics? Try “web pragmatics.”

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