Williams-Labadie—Chicago, 2002-2005

Williams-Labadie—Chicago, 2002-2005


Led a team of staff and freelance developers and produced a wide range of interactive projects for pharmaceutical clients. Targeting audiences such as physicians, consumers, and sales forces, created award-winning websites; online CME and case studies; CD-ROMs; booth panel videos; banner ads; email campaigns; and animatics. Responsible for developing estimates, scope, and architecture, in addition to recruiting, managing, and evaluating talent. Selected and managed vendors, and interacted with client IT departments.

Significant projects included the following:

•    www.cadinwomen.com (no longer live): Online continuing medical education addressing coronary artery disease in women, utilizing Flash interface and audio, ColdFusion application layer, and SQL Server.
•     “Pickles on the Side” CD series: when film noir meets Flash, a hospital sales force is engaged in a half-year search for “the missing thing” with a series of CDs that track the detective’s progress in video.
•    www.eczemabeast.com (no longer live): on a tight budget, this sitelet repurposed existing content to raise awareness for children’s caregivers of the Protopic product and its role in fighting this irritating disease.

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